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Nalauqataq - Eskimo
Our Price: $200.00

Nalauqataq is the Spring Whale Festival among the Eskimo of Pelly Bay. It is a time of celebration; a time of gratitude to the spirit of the whale--nurturer of Eskimo life. Nalauqataq holds his ceremonial drum, which traditionally would have been made of walrus liver membrane. He wears his clothing skin-side-out, to keep the warmth of the fur next to his body. His parka and mukluks are trimmed with hand-woven braid. Nalauqataq is all porcelain, 14" tall.

This doll was produced in 1993.     He  is 294 of an edition of 500 and his original selling price was $395.
Summer Rose
Our Price: $200.00

Summer Rose, an artist doll by Wendy Lawton, lets the  warm summer sun shines down. She has  blonde curls and blue eyes carries a woven basket filled with fragrant dried roses. Keeping with the 1930's style the Seasons Collection portrays Summer Rose is dressed in a charming baby-doll dress of apple green and dusty rose, over a crisp white eyelet slip. A large matching hair bow and white lace anklets complete her outfit.

This doll was preowned but has not been displayed.  She was created in 1989 and is number 97 in an edition of 500.  Her original selling price was $325.  She is 14 inches tall and all porcelain.
Tom Sawyer
Our Price: $200.00

Tom Sawyer by doll artist Wendy Lawton.  Tom carries the expected can of paint for his whitewash caper which was the inspiration for this 14", all-porcelain doll.  Dressed in denim overalls, a faded chambray shirt and a tattered straw hat,

This doll is from an edition of 500, from 1993.  He is a preowned doll but has never been displayed.
Oliver Twist
Our Price: $250.00

Oliver Twist by doll artist Wendy Lawton, represents Charles Dickens' Oliver.  Holding his Rowe Pottery bowl, he has a look of entreaty on his face. His tattered suit is made of beige Belgian linen and his shirt of cotton gauze. He wears hobnail shoes. He has a tousled mop of mohair curls and delicate blue eyes. Oliver Twist is 14" tall.

This doll was from 1992.  This is a preowned doll that has never been displayed.  His captivating curls are perfect.  He is from an edition of 750.
Amber Autumn
Our Price: $325.00

Her open expression is seasoned with a sprinkling of freckles and big brown eyes. She has a unique wig designed by Wendy in a new strawberry blonde color specially blended just for her. Carefully clutching her leather satchel, Amber is dressed in a soft velveteen coat and cloche hat in a rich autumn-y rust. Her dress is a lovely tiny matching print. She has matching knee highs and wonderfully detailed handmade leather shoes.   This is an all porcelain doll.
Our Price: $395.00

Violet, by doll artist Wendy Lawton, is a 14 inch all porcelain doll with light violet eyes and blonde curls, Violet shyly paints a demure picture. Her violet-strewn cotton frock is covered with a crisp white lace-trimmed apron. She wears a matching cap.  Limited edition of 350.
Our Price: $395.00

Daisy, but doll artist Wendy Lawton, symbolizes innocence. Our Daisy looks at the world through wide blue eyes. She wears a dress of white covered by a daisy print pinafore trimmed in buttercup yellow piping. Daisy wears a crisp straw hat on her brown curls. Daisy is all-porcelain, 14" tall.  Limited edition of 350.
Christmas Rose
Our Price: $500.00

Christmas Rose, created by doll artist Wendy Lawton, represents the story of a shepherd girl who longs to visit the Christ child, but has no gift to bring. Bitterly disappointed she begins to weep. Seeing her tears, an angel brushes aside the snow and touches the ground. A delicate rose- the very first Helleborus Niger "Christmas Rose"- pushes its way through the snow and is lovingly carried to the tiny babe. Edition of 250, this is a 14 inch porcelain doll by artist Wendy Lawton
Marie Lee's Tribute 1945
Our Price: $500.00

Marie's Tribute by doll artist Wendy Lawton, is a 1945  reminder of all who sacrificed during World War II. This is a nine inch wooden bodied doll, fully pose-able.  This doll is from a limited edition of 50 dolls.
Totally Tilly
Our Price: $550.00

Totally Tillie may be little, but she cannot be ignored. She’s a thinker, she’s a doer and she’s pretty as a picture.

Tillie, with her blonde mohair braids and green eyes, is dressed in an exquisite drop-waist middy of celadon dupion silk with silk ribbon accents and a matching hat. Black stockings and black button-up boots complete the picture.

She is a nine inch doll, her head and hands  sculpted by Wendy Lawton on a wooden jointed body.