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Kathe Kruse Tiny Boy
Our Price: $80.00

Tiny boy, by Kathe Kruse is  firmly stuffed with a composite head.  He wears a blue and white play suit and a red sweater and hat knit booties. He is 7 inches tall.
Lilly Bath Baby
Our Price: $90.00

Lilly is an all vinyl doll made so that a child can bathe her.  She wears a sweet red and white dress and is barefoot.  Made in Germany by the Kathe Druse doll company she is 12 inches in size.
Our Price: $200.00

Lara is a soft body doll made by the Kathe Kruse doll company..  She is 14 inches tall.  She has high quality hair that can be combed but a young child.  She has a sweet Kathe Kruse look and wears a plaid jumper over a red blouse.  A perfect doll to hug and love.
Our Price: $300.00

Melanie wears a blue and white cotton dress with a white under skirt, with blue leather shoes.  She has brown human hair arranged in pigtails.  She carries a towel doll in the form of a bear.  Her arms and legs bend so she poses nicely.  She is 10 inches tall.
Our Price: $300.00

Danny is a 10 inch little boy with bendable arms and legs so he poses nicely.  He has blond hair swept to the side.  He wears blue corduroy trousers and a vest with a white shirt.  He wears leather shoes.
Our Price: $300.00

Bellina is ready for school in her flowered cotton dress , red felt cap and leather back pack book bag.  She has red leather shoes to match.
Our Price: $300.00

Ines is a cute 10 inch school girl in a red and green plaid skirt.  She has red hair and pig tails and he little dog comes with her.
Our Price: $300.00

Strolet is dressed in a red and green plaid jumper over a green shirt.  She has a little red cap.  Her arms and legs bed and she poses nicely.  She is 10 inches tall.
Our Price: $300.00

Stine wears a brown and white checked smock over brown slacks. His shoes are leather and he carries a book bag.  He is 10 inches tall.
Our Price: $300.00

This little boy wears a knit sweater over blue jeans.  He has leather shoes and a little stocking cap.  He is 10 inches tall.