Maggie's Fattening Story (2024)

Maggie's Fattening Story (Maggies fette Geschichte in German) is a weight gain webcomic by TheKoudelka published on DeviantArt. It has been in continuous production since 2001, with several hiatuses.

Maggie, a woman who's always had a lingering desire to get fat, is overjoyed to hear about the release of a new drug called Corpulex 7, which promises to solve all the health problems associated with obesity: heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and so on. Maggie immediately starts actively gaining weight, recruiting her friend Cidney to act as her gaining coach. A month and forty-five pounds later, Maggie goes to buy the drug, only to become distraught when she learns it costs $6,000 to buy. Cid buys it for her, allowing Maggie to pursue her gaining fantasies with reckless abandon. Cid begins getting fat herself, something that Maggie praises and encourages, and the two begin gaining weight together. Maggie's father is supportive of her weight gain, saying that he has a fat fetish and was disappointed that her mother lost weight after they first started dating.

Maggie eventually eats herself into near-immobility, and with Cid becoming increasingly obese, she brings on her friend Tanya to help take care of Maggie. while helping Maggie adjust to her new bedbound life, both women's weights begin to skyrocket. A particular source of stress for Maggie emerges, however, when her parents come to visit; her mother is very fatphobic and was always disdainful of her weight. Maggie's response is to make herself incredibly fat with the goal of shocking her mother, which she successfully accomplishes: her mother faints in horror at the sight of how large her daughter and friends have become. However, after a heart-to-heart, she forgives her daughter and says she'll support Maggie in her future gaining endeavors.

After Maggie becomes fully immobile, both Cid and Tanya begin getting increasingly competitive about their weights, and begin trying to prove that they're more gluttonous than each other. They both gain hundreds of pounds in the ensuing months from their constant gorging; while they eventually lose interest in the contest, they do both realize that they're now too fat to properly take care of Maggie. So, Tanya recruits a group of feeders who are more than eager to help take care of them. After a brief interlude explaining the origin of Corpulex and showcasing the fattest woman in the world, Maggie's parents (who have visibly put on some weight since their last appearance) visit Maggie at Cid's house. They find a veritable army of women in various stages of plumpness tending to Cid and Tanya, both of whom are now immobile.

The English translation of the comic was first uploaded to DeviantArt in 2005, and can be found here. The most recent page, #80, was uploaded in June of 2024.

Maggie's Fattening Story contains examples of:[edit | hide all | hide | edit source]

  • All Food Is Finger Food:
    • Maggie is sometimes seen messily eating foods like cake and pasta with her bare hands.
    • During her eating contest with Cid, Tanya is seen shoving a whole slice of cake in her mouth with her hands.
  • Automatic Fat Acceptance:
    • Every single character in the story is fine with themselves or someone they know becoming morbidly obese. Even Maggie's strongly fatphobic mother comes around to support her daughter after a single conversation, and starts actively gaining herself later on.
    • Tanya is able to find a whole network of fat fetishists who are eager to help support her, Cid, and Maggie's gaining, apparently for free.
    • It's even mentioned that society as a whole is becoming more fat-accepting ever since Corpulex hit the market.
  • Bariatric Gear:
    • For her birthday, Maggie's father gets her a bariatric scale that can go up to 2,000 pounds.
    • To accommodate Maggie, Cid remodels her house to have bariatric furniture, as well as railings along the hallways.
  • Before-After Overlay:
    • Cid and Maggie make one when she hits the 300 pound mark by having Cid pose in front of Maggie.
    • After all three girls end up as immobile blobs, their medical readouts show the silhouettes of their original bodies on top of their current sizes.
  • Blubber Belt: Literally every woman in the series wears outfits that leave their midriff exposed, especially when their clothes become obviously undersized.
  • Bookend Belch: Maggie tends to let one out after downing gallons of mass gainer shakes.
  • Climbing Mount Lardass: In order to talk to the now multi-ton blob Maggie, her parents have to take an elevator up to her head level and then walk across her chins.
  • Coating Of Many Colors: As a result of their eating contest, Cid and Tanya's hygiene standards slip, leading to their faces and tops being covered in food stains.
  • Delectable Donuts:
    • In the very first page, Maggie is seen binging on a box of chocolate donuts.
    • During her eating contest with Tanya, Cid is shown stuffing donuts in her mouth two at a time.
  • Door Stuck!: Cid eventually becomes so large that she has issue walking through the doorways of her home.
  • Eating Exhibition: Maggie enjoys the sight of people gawking at her whenever she goes out in public and makes a pig of herself.
  • Everything Is Tiring:
    • Maggie develops a case of Immobility Anxiety when she gets winded going up only one flight of stairs.
    • During her eating contest with Tanya, Cid is shown getting exhausted trying to go up a flight of stairs as well.
    • Cid and Tanya end up so fat that they find it difficult to even bring food to Maggie. This leads to them recruiting other feeders to help them.
    • Later on, even the mere act of talking is enough to make Maggie winded and force her to stop for a breath.
  • Fat-Fingered: Maggie's hands eventually become so fat that she can't properly press buttons on a video game controller anymore.
  • Fat Flash-Forward: At the start of her weight gain journey, Maggie fantasizes how large she'll become. Little does she know that she'll achieve all that and more...
  • Feeder-Feedee Flip:
    • Cid initially starts as Maggie's "gaining coach," acting as her feeder and enabler. When she starts gaining weight, she admits that she enjoys it and starts gaining alongside Maggie.
    • The same fate befalls Tanya, Bianca, Abby, and every other woman who works to help feed Maggie.
  • Free Food Forever: Cid gives Maggie a lifetime supply of gainer shakes as a birthday gift. How she managed to afford it isn't exactly made clear.
  • Funnel Feeding:
    • When Maggie becomes immobile, Cid resorts to funnel-feeding her gallon jugs of mass gainer shake.
    • Tanya is shown using a funnel to chug gainer shakes during her eating contest with Cid.
  • Futon Filler: As Cid and Tanya crest the half-ton mark, they're shown taking up entire couches as they lounge around.
  • How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Blob:
    • Cid and Tanya both begin to take pleasure in actively gaining weight the more time they spend around Maggie.
    • The same process happens with every single other assistant the three girls employ.
  • I Dream Of Jumbo:
    • At the start of her gaining journey, Maggie has a dream of herself being immobile and becoming a subject of media fascination.
    • Later, Maggie has recurring dreams about being fed from a hose and becoming a multi-ton blob.
  • Immobility Anxiety: Maggie has a brief crisis of conscience and hates how big she's gotten after she starts getting too big to function in normal society.
  • Impromptu Remodeling: Maggie's couch is permanently deformed, developing a large sag in the middle, from her rapid weight gain.
  • Industrial Stuffing: Maggie's main source of food after she becomes immobile is being hooked up to a hose connected to a tanker of gainer shakes.
  • Interrupting Cow: When Maggie becomes immobile and is constantly being fed, she begins to have her belches interrupt her speech.
  • Is That Really You?
    • When Maggie's friend Tanya comes to visit, she's initially shocked at how large Maggie is.
    • Maggie's mother is horrified to the point of fainting when she sees how fat her daughter and friends have become.
  • Leaning Tower Of Pizza: Maggie's normal pizza orders include a stack of half a dozen pizza boxes.
  • Let The Denim Flag Fly: After a month of constant gorging, Maggie becomes too fat for her jeans to fasten and just wears them unbuttoned.
  • Limited Range: Tanya has trouble reaching food in the kitchen cabinets because her belly keeps her from getting too close.
  • Locked In The Pantry: Maggie's father writes him a letter revealing that he has a fat fetish and bemoaning the fact that his wife lost weight over the years.
  • Meal Enhancement Shakes: Cid's birthday gift for Maggie is a lifetime supply of Turbogain, a weight gain shake.
  • Obviously Fat-Related Name: The drug that enables Maggie to pursue her gaining dreams is called "Corpulex."
  • Odd Onomatopoeia: One panel shows Tanya eating with the sound bubble "Gorge!"
  • One Chair Per Cheek:
    • When she's still small enough to fit on normal chairs, Maggie needs two to support her weight.
    • Cid eventually requires two chairs for her ass as well.
  • Only Stocks Junk Food:
    • At the beginning, the only food in Maggie's fridge are junk foods like donuts and chocolate milk.
    • When she moves into Cid's house, Maggie finds the pantries stocked only with unhealthy foods and mass gainer drinks.
  • Phlebotinum Pharma: The whole incentive for the story is that Maggie learns of a new drug that can prevent all the negative health effects of obesity.
  • Scala Obscura:
    • Maggie knows her weight gain is starting in earnest when her belly gets too big for her to see the scale.
    • Cid and Tanya eventually become so fat that they need each other to read the numbers on the scale when they step on.
  • Seam Split: After several months of gaining alongside Maggie, Cid begins to outgrow her clothes.
  • Self-Stored Snack: Played with. For Cid's birthday, Maggie and Tanya hide her gift in the rolls of Maggie's chins.
  • Snack All Night: Maggie's modus operandi literally every day after she commits to gaining.
  • Spiteful Stuffing: Maggie intentionally stuffs herself in anticipation of her mother's visit in hopes of being so fat that the shock gives her mother a heart attack.
  • Splash Damage: Everyone who spends time around Maggie—Cid, Tanya, Bianca, Abby, her parents—starts to pick up her gluttonous habits given enough time.
  • Stomach Shelf: When Maggie's sitting upright, she sometimes uses the upper rolls of her belly to balance plates of food.
  • Stool-Splintering Seat: Maggie breaks her last two chairs while gorging on pizza. She's undeterred and just continues to eat while lying on the floor.
  • Too Big To Clothe: When Maggie, Cid, and Tanya all become immobile and housebound, they all just give up on wearing clothes in general.
  • Too Fat To Fasten: On rare occasions where Maggie can button her jeans, she doesn't bother to zip up the fly.
  • Underbelly Wheels: After becoming functionally immobile, Maggie uses a reinforced cart under her belly when she wants to get around.
  • Weighty Wager: Cid, jealous at how Tanya's surpassed her in weight, gets competitive, and the two vow to see who can become fatter than the other.
  • World Record Breaker: Paige is not only the fattest person ever, but also the fattest living thing ever, meaning she weighs hundreds of tons at a minimum.

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