Welder For Sale Craigslist (2024)

1. SF bay area for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist

  • For Sale By Owner "welder" for sale in SF Bay Area. see also. Portable mig welder. $1,000. Mill Valley · Cemont Arcotech professional AC/DC TIG welder. $350.

  • SF bay area for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist

2. central MI for sale "welder" - craigslist

  • for sale · Lincoln Ark Welder 1. •••. Lincoln Ark Welder · Sears Craftsman dual range 30 to 230 AMP Stick welder. Works great. · no image · Snap on Mig Welder W ...

  • central MI for sale "welder" - craigslist

3. central MI for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist

  • for sale · no image · 220 MILLER ARC WELDER · Lincoln Electric Bulldog 5500 Gas Welder 1 · Branson Ultrasonic Welder 1 · Lincoln Ark Welder 1 · Welder's Jig ...

  • central MI for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist

4. SF bay area for sale "welder" - craigslist

5. dallas for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist

  • Lincoln AC-225 Arc Welder. 7/4·Scurry. $300 hide. Lincoln Fleet-Arc Jr 180 Amp welder 1. ••••••••••. Lincoln Fleet-Arc Jr 180 Amp welder. 7/4·denison.

  • dallas for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist

6. Craigslist Used Welders for Sale - Search Shopping - Bing

  • Seller · Lincoln AC225 Stick Welder K1170 · Miller Welder Auto Axcess 300 Mig Welder Used · Lincoln Electric Welders K2697-1 Easymig 140 120V Compact Wire ...

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7. inland empire for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist

  • for sale · 120v 120amp Welder MIG Flux Auto Wire Feeding Welding Machine Welder 1 · SNAP ON MM250SL MIG WELDER 1 · Miller 350P Welder 1 · Real Gear 140 Welder 1.

  • inland empire for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist

8. New and used Welders for sale | Facebook Marketplace

  • New and used Welders for sale near you on Facebook Marketplace. Find great deals or sell your items for free.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

9. atlanta for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist

  • Find for sale by owner for sale in Atlanta, GA. Craigslist helps you find the goods and services you need in your community.

  • Find for sale by owner for sale in Atlanta, GA. Craigslist helps you find the goods and services you need in your community

10. seattle for sale by owner "welder" - Craigslist

  • seattle for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist.

  • seattle for sale by owner "welder" - craigslist

11. Used Miller 252 Welder Craigslist - Search Shopping - Bing

  • Miller Millermatic 252 Mig Welder - Buy Miller Millermatic 252 Mig Welderbrand New Original Sale Discount ... Millermatic 252 for Sale Craigslist · Used ...

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12. A Cheap Stick-welder(?) on Craigslist - WeldingWeb

  • I just noticed the following ad on Craigslist; I don't know if it's just AC, but the price sounds good. It appears to have the newer 4-prong plug:

  • I just noticed the following ad on Craigslist; I don't know if it's just AC, but the price sounds good. It appears to have the newer 4-prong plug: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARC Welder 220v - $50 (concord / pleasant hill / martinez) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Reply to: sale-963950698@craigslist.org

Welder For Sale Craigslist (2024)


Is it OK to buy a used welder? ›

A used welder doesn't mean that the machine isn't any good or is of low quality, it just means that the machine has been used for a while and was probably traded in by the original user for a newer model. There are many expert sellers, like Vern Lewis Welding Supply, who offer quality, used welders for great deals.

What welder is best for beginners? ›

MIG Welders (GMAW or Gas Metal Arc Welding)

MIG (metal inert gas) welding is an excellent choice for beginning welders. This easy-to-handle machine is usually spool-fed to create professional-looking joints on both thick and thin metals.

What is a good DIY welder? ›

The Kemppi Minarc MIG Evo 200 is a good choice for demanding hobbyists. It can output 200A for 3.5 minutes, allowing you to make the longest welds in one pass. But it can also weld at a 100% duty cycle with a 120A output, so you can weld lower thicknesses with maximum efficiency.

What size welder can I use at home? ›

A welder such as a Millermatic 211 or Multimatic 215 welder is typically able to handle most household projects, but some welders prefer to use a 220V welder at home so that they can weld thicker steel on heavy-duty projects and achieve sufficient heat to create a strong weld.

Does welding expire? ›

Since welding certifications expire every six months for most codes, three months for others, it is essential that maintenance forms and continuity records are submitted promptly to avoid costly re-testing for certification.

What age can a welder retire? ›

At Red River LLC, we recognize that the average retirement age for welders typically falls between 55 and 65 years. This range is crucial for our strategic workforce planning.

What's the easiest thing to weld? ›

Steel is the easiest metal to weld, which explains why it is the most prevalent metal for welding. Carbon steel is also the cheapest metal on the market, enhancing its popularity. Steel is essentially iron and carbon with trace amounts of other things, and MIG, TIG, and stick welding work well on it.

What is easier, stick or MIG welding? ›

Generally speaking, MIG welding is the easiest form of welding to learn, and the easiest torch to operate. And while Stick welding can also be a quick study, it's more difficult to master. Stick is the oldest form of arc welding — around since the 30s — and is still considered the only choice for many veteran welders.

What is the hardest welding to learn? ›

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is widely considered the most challenging welding process to learn. The sheer complexity of the technique requires more practice and focus to master than other less-technical welding methods. TIG welding also results in some of the strongest and sturdiest welds in the industry.

Can you run a welder off a regular outlet? ›

Many welders available can run off standard 115V or 120V household power.

How thick of metal can a 110V MIG weld? ›

For example, a 140 amp, 110V welder will be fine for metal up to 1/8", but you should pay attention to the lower end of welding output. With MIG welders, that's most commonly 20-30 amps, so you want to go as low as possible with thin metals.

Does welding use a lot of electricity? ›

The power consumption of a stick welding machine largely depends on its rated output current. For example, a typical 100-amp stick welding machine may consume between 1,500 and 6,000 watts. However, the power consumption may increase for higher-rated machines.

What is the life of a welder like? ›

Some welders work in factories, construction sites, or shipyards, while others may work in smaller shops or repair facilities. Welders may work in tight spaces, at heights, or in uncomfortable positions. Safety concerns: Welders must follow strict safety protocols to protect themselves and others from injury.

How do you know if a weld is good? ›

Appearance: Welds should have a consistent, smooth, and uniform appearance. Profile: Depending on the application, welds need to be flat, concave, or convex. Coloration: A good weld will have a color-free appearance that indicates no oxidation has occurred.

What should you not do with a welder? ›

5 Things Not To Do When Welding
  1. #1) Welding In a Poorly Ventilated Area. ...
  2. #2) Not Preheating. ...
  3. #3) Not Wearing The Appropriate Safety Gear. ...
  4. #4) Welding On Unstable Surfaces. ...
  5. #5) Not Cleaning or Maintaining The Arc Welder.

What can you do with an old welder? ›

Take it to the pawn shop. Apparently, the pawn shop is the first place to go if you are looking to get rid of an older welder with life left in it. Don't expect to receive much more than the equivalent scrap weight for it though, and if you ever decide to buy it back, it will likely cost you more than if it was new.

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