Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (2024)

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The Short Answer

Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (1)

Cyrusher is a brand known for its electric bikes. The quality of Cyrusher e-bikes varies depending on the model. Some models receive positive reviews for their performance, while others have faced criticism for their build quality and customer service. Overall, it’s important to research specific models before purchasing a Cyrusher e-bike.

Electric bikes are growing in popularity. Early adopters in traditional cycling countries were the first to see their benefits, but now more people than ever before – fuelled by the pandemic-led boom of the 2020-2021 – are buying and riding e-bikes.

With its professional-looking website selling colourful e-bikes with fat tyres, Cyrusher has garnered plenty of attention. But are Cyrusher electric bikes worth it?

Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Good?

Combining two words ‘Cycling’ and ‘Rusher’, and pronounced “sigh-rusher”, Cyrusher is an electric fat bike specialist. Their history dates back to 2014 when, the founder of Cyrusher, Harry Xie, started selling bicycle components online from his base in China.

Quickly he realised that rather than offering simple parts for bikes, he could actually make a complete bike. Xie teamed up with his co-founder Néstor Sulú and they began building Cyrusher electric bikes. Today, Cyrusher e-bikes are sold all over the world. They are available in the UK, the US and throughout most of Western Europe.

There are many electric fat bikes available today – we’ve rounded up the best in our article – so what makes Cyrusher any different to its competitors?

Firstly, Cyrusher has committed to its specialism as a fat e-bike brand. Whether that’s a traditional electric mountain bike, like the Cyrusher Ranger, or something slightly different, like the Kommada step-through, or the XF900 motorbike-style e-bike, every Cyrusher revolves around fat tyres.

Fat tyres inspire riding confidence on any surface. For those returning to riding after a break, those experiencing an e-bike for the first time or those heading away from pavements and roads, wide tyres are comfortable and grippy.

A second notable feature of Cyrusher bikes is their use of front suspension. Any element of ‘give’ in the front wheel that reduces the impact of cycling on the hands is good in our book, irrespective of the surface the Cyrusher is being ridden on. All Cyrusher electric bikes also feature front suspension.

Last, but not least, Cyrusher are distinctive-looking e-bikes and come in a variety of colours and frame designs. Run-of-the-mill black is all well and good, but if you like to display your personality or taste, there’s probably a Cyrusher colour or style to suit you.

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Is Cyrusher a Good Brand?

Being a direct-to-consumer brand, Cyrusher cut out any middlemen, delivering an electric bike to your front door, for less. With nearly a decade of experience behind them, and perhaps thousands of e-bikes sold across the world, we would wager that the Cyrusher brand deserves some respect.

All Cyrusher electric bikes use hub-powered motors located in the rear wheel. This is known to be the most cost-effective way of adding electric power to an e-bike, whether through a pedal-assist or throttle mechanism.

Their website includes all the important information for each of their models. This is accompanied by a wealth of real pictures and videos. When buying an e-bike online, it can be difficult to imagine the product in real life, so it’s pleasing to see Cyrusher feature proper photography, rather than stock or AI-generated content.

Cyrusher’s YouTube channel also hosts plenty of informative content, including unboxing and assembly guides.

With electric bikes, it’s important to understand the exact specification of the electronics onboard the bike. Disappointly, Cyrusher is vague when it comes to detailing the exact motor they use on each bike.

That said, any fears of longevity or running into any issues during the first few months of ownership, should be allayed be Cyrusher’s 2-year warranty, which their offer on all of their e-bikes.

Where Are Cyrusher Bikes Made?

After initially manufacturing through third parties, Cyrusher opened its own Chinese factory in 2017. With a capacity to produce over 6000 e-bikes per month, Cyrusher certainly isn’t a cottage business. Their e-bikes have been rigorously tested and meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards. In 2023, Cyrusher ships to 10 major countries across three continents.

Reside in the UK and shopping for an electric bike? Cyrusher electric bikes can be purchased via all major debit and credit cards (including AMEX) as well as through the popular financing system, Klarna. Unfortunately, purchasing via the UK government’s cycle-to-work salary sacrifice scheme is not an option.

Orders are fulfilled within as little as 4 working days, although with added handling and delivery time this can rise to 10 days.

In even better news, Cyrusher has a range of e-bikes to eye up and test ride in person! This is a real point of difference for Cyrusher. At two locations (one in Scotland, one in Gloucester) you can get up close and personal with the complete range of Cyrusher electric bikes. If you don’t fancy travelling, Cyrusher’s online form allows you to book a test ride at a time and location to suit you.

Americans researching electric bikes will probably have come across Cyrusher before. Their electric bikes are popular all over the country, from the East Coast to the West, plus they even have a physical presence in Logan, Utah.

Obviously, one location can’t serve the entirety of the country, but it goes some way to demonstrate Cyrusher’s commitment to selling good-value, respected products in the States.

Meanwhile, over in Europe Cyrusher has representatives and stock in France, Poland and Czech Republic.

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Cyrusher Bikes Review

Although attracting a small number of reviews on Trustpilot, the internet is littered with definitive praise for Cyrusher electric bikes. Many of the reviews for Cyrusher on their own website focus on how fun their e-bikes are to ride – when all is said and done, it’s hard to argue with that!

Popular Cyrusher Electric Bikes

More in the know about Cyrusher electric bikes? Good. Our model summary might help you decide which of their e-bikes is best suited to you.

  1. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (5)

    Entry level e-bike

    Cyrusher Rider XF650

    Despite being the most affordable Cyrusher e-bike, the XF650 still features a throttle, mudguards, lights and a pannier rack.

    Check Price

  2. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (6)

    Full suspension

    Cyrusher XF800

    Sold in various colours, this distinctive looking e-bike is for taking on a variety of different terrains and surfaces.

    Check Price

  3. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (7)

    Moto-style front forks

    Cyrusher XF900

    With bright colours and distinctive graphics, this e-bike features moto-style front forks for a striking look and comfortable ride.

    Check Price

  4. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (8)

    Ultimate utility for all

    Cyrusher Kommoda

    This step-through is great for anyone to ride, the wide tyres inspire confidence and the features offer excellent utility. You can carry animals, children or shopping with ease.

    Check Price

  5. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (9)

    Only available in the US

    Cyrusher XF690

    This powerful folding e-bike isn’t available in the UK. The 750W motor is super powerful and it can carry a total of 150kg.

    Check Price

  6. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (10)

    For taller or heavier rides

    Cyrusher Kuattro

    Although sold in one frame size, this e-bike will fit anyone from 5′ 7″ through to 6′ 6″. Classic Cyrusher with 4″ wide tyres.

    Check Price

  7. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (11)

    Full suspension fat e-bike

    Cyrusher Montta

    Designed with a fully integrated battery and clear central display. Bright frame colours are matched to the wheel rims for a sparklingly look.

    Check Price

  8. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (12)

    Large wheel folder

    Cyrusher Bandit

    Most folding e-bikes use smaller wheels, the Bandit’s larger 26″ wheels roll better. On board battery up to 60 miles of range.

    Check Price

  9. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (13)

    High spec e-MTB

    Cyrusher Ranger

    Fitted with better components. From the twist throttle to the torque sensors you’ll feel the difference riding this bike.

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  10. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (14)

    All-terrain step-through

    Cyrusher Trax

    Balancing accessibility and power, most riders will find this e-bike instantly comfortable on all surfaces.

    Check Price

  11. Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (15)

    Comfort at its heart

    Cyrusher Ovia

    Its lower frame makes it ideal for shorter riders or those with less flexibility. Remains powerful enough with gutsy hub motor and long range 884Wh battery.

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Cyrusher Review: Are Cyrusher E-Bikes Actually Any Good? (2024)
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